We’re going to be taking a break in 2013.

After 9 years of successful rituals, we are going to take this year to step back and evaluate the best way to move forward.



Just what is the Indianapolis Winter Solstice Singing Ritual?  

It’s a family-friendly, non-denominational event that celebrates the return of the sun, weaving stories and songs together for a night that ranges from meditative to raucous … all of it deeply powerful and joyous. It’s more than a performance, it’s more than a worship service. It’s a feast of sound and spirit.  more…



The 2012 Indianapolis Winter Solstice Singing Ritual was amazing!

The sold out event featured a cast and crew of more than 60 people.  All told 100 volunteers, 30 individual financial backers, and seven sponsors came together to make it all happen.  There was singing, dancing, cheering, and laughter.

Please enjoy some pictures of the 2012 ritual.



Photos by Karl Zemlin of Zemlin Photo, Tarsie Franklin, and Jake Burt.